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Trip-i-kebana is part triptych and part ikebana, a constructed dreamscape that explores the liminality between opposing forces (happiness/unhappiness, heaven/hell, happy/ sad, utopia/dystopia, good/evil). Quotidian objects styled in the manner of ikebana flower arrangement represent caricatures of deviant personalities in heaven, hell, and purgatory that are viewed as threats to happiness, reconstructed into alien yet aesthetically appealing hybrids. The panels of the triptych attempt to display the threat inherent in these configurations less as oppositions, but as contemplation of an in-between state. By collapsing elements of ikebana stylistics, Trip-i-kebana is the playground for an endless loop, the interstice between opposing forces, finding no place of purchase in either reality.

Trip-i-kebana was presented as part of the collaboration between The Projector, Singapore’s foremost independent cinema theatre, and curator Louis Ho, is comprised of an exhibition of site-specific works located in The Projector’s Golden Mile space and a retrospective of Indonesian filmmaker, Kamila Andini. Works in the exhibition respond to the theme of affirmative unhappiness through the televisual medium, unhappiness being understood as feelings that do not serve the needs of dominant modes of contemporary life, simply because to be happy would be to accord with those ill-fitting frameworks.

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