Pure Ever

Y2 Arts
October 2019

An art show curated by Rifqi Amirul Rosli, Zhiyi Cao, Raigo Law, Elsa Wong, and myself that became the genesis of the collective ‘Pure Ever’. Featuring 13 Artists from a wide range of artists, thinkers and practitioners of varying social realities and disciplinary ambits, the works presented delved into invisible intersections between intimacy and technological interpretations of the past, present and future.


In this post-human era, all of our lives are vastly intertwined with that of the non-human and machine. All the ways in which we live, act, touch, feel, and fuck are intrinsically embedded within our interactions with technology, becoming virtually inseparable.

While we experience intimacy and love as something infinitely varied, and constantly evolving, the technologies being developed to facilitate this seem to abide by limited and pre-existing social and political contracts. We must, as complex beings, locate the intersection where our experiences with intimacy can be made visible and viable amidst technological upheaval... 

In this vein, Pure Ever speculates a rapport with the technologies of previous, current and future worlds that imbue a sense of agency within our lives, and investigates the infinite possibilities arising from it.

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