Girl + Host = Ghost

Videovideo, New York City
October 2018

The title ‘Girl + Host = Ghost’ came from taking Marcel Duchamp’s aphorism
Guest + Host = ghost, one of the many duchampian aphorisms that overturns and questions the paradigm between audience, art, artist, space, and place.

Borrowing from Duchamp, the goal of the piece was to subvert and upset the very same subjects that revolve around east asian female bodies and the gaze, by placing myself and the audience concurrently within the construction of its meanings. Something like a “ghost” characterises the existence of women, especially that of east asian women. The gaze in which the audience indulges themselves in while laying eyes on the woman, materialises the body’s objectivity but diminishes the subjectivity of all that’s within and around it.

Video piece. Duration: 1min 38sec

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