Art Outreach
April 2023

CONGRESS is short for ‘Congress for Constructive Divisiveness’, a collaborative mixed media installation and post-disciplinary workshop initiated by Bras Basar Open. Framed as the site of a fictional geopolitical conference à la the UN General Assembly, Congress assembles “delegates” of different ideological persuasions to assess “policies” drawn from contemporary theory and mass culture as they pertain to the future prospects of human civilization.

As part of the fictional conference, I designed and conceptualised a flag named ‘Miracle Star Prophesy’ under the organisation ‘Transcendental Intelligence Network’.

Transcendental Intelligence Network is an alliance whose goal is to transcend the limitations of our current neoliberal state to embrace new vectors of freedom. The flag of the Transcendental Intelligence Network is named 'Miracle Star Prophesy', which represents prophesy as a verb instead of a noun, not as a passive prediction of events, but as an action or state of being that has the potential to shape a liquid future. It symbolizes the power of collective imagination, critical thinking, and the search for new possibilities beyond the status quo. The flag depicts a bright starburst, signifying the transcendent intelligence that is at the core of the network's mission. The starburst is surrounded by an aura of light and energy, representing the transformative power of new ideas and perspectives. All the elements combined form a nucleus in the shape of an eye, to represent foresight and vision within multiplicities. Together, the flag and the name of the organisation represent a call to action, inviting individuals to join the network in its enthusiasm to dissolve the human project and transcend the limitations of our current world.


Tan Qian Hui
Jireh Koh
Smiha Kapoor
Victoria Hertel
Kapilan Naidu
Bruce Quek
Cara Ow

Helios Singh Bajwa